You live and learn?

You live and learn?

Soooo Im gonna get into a small window of my life. This morning I woke up to get my kids ready for school. I have 7yr old boy, 6 yr old beautiful lil girl and my newest addition with my husband he is 3 months on Friday. Anyways..yes I am a wife and mother and weird all in one 😉 So i hear my oldest playing at what had to be almost 3am after my husband and I and the baby were already asleep. Long story short there this morning my son was suuuuuuuper tired for school. I mean he was madddddd. Anyways he still went though. Moral of this story even though I warned him that he will be super tired in the morning…he still stayed up and watched a movie and played on his console. Is this the generation now that learn as they live? In my generation i was raised somewhat spoiled but very strict in Russia. So yea that would be US standard times 10. With that meaning if I was told do something I did it. Which I see now wasn’t all too positive.It just made me more curious as to what would happen if I just did things my way. So there it is this my kids generation are not “afraid” not to listen. Yet the out come is the same that he was tired and had to pay for it himself not by me enforcing it upon him. I am sure that he will go to bed very early tonite…I think this is a good example of you live and your learn. But you must accept to live first and it can be at any age. – Dlovski


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