This creature is crazy looking!

Bizarre, See-Through Creature Caught Off New Zealand Coast Baffles Local Fisherman.

This is so creepy. If you have ever seen the Alien movies this looks like a clear version of it. Im sure it is because of the earth’s changes in tilt and the equator shifting that the temperature changes in the ocean has caused so many unknown species to surface. They too have to adapt to changes just like all of us and everything on this planet even plants. This species may have been around for a very long time, but maybe looks somewhat different and “weird” to us, but really evolved under different conditions. People too should be aware of changes and stop and look at how much we as a society have evolved and become smarter? I hear a lot of opinions on how people have become dumb because of technology. But is that the case? I will blog more on this subject at a later moment..oh yea back to this creature..very “weird”?- Dlovski

really weird creature!


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