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Lets see….Id like to just say my blogs are not about religion or how I feel everyone should view the world.  Its simply how I view it and if you feel like you have a connection with what I write then that is amazing and I hope that I have a lot of responses from people with the same views and even different. One thing I do ask for is that when you come to my blog…please don’t leave negative comments or energy simply just don’t respond. You are entitled to your own opinion, but if it is negative i will erase it. I want this place to be an escape for people that have a lot to express, but feel like they cannot because of what others may think of them. We are all connected through social media yet when we try to express ourselves in a social way a lot of people don’t understand and that’s fine.  One thing is though no one should feel closed off or silenced. If you are someone that has a lot of emotion, opinion, or a different view that you wish you can express then do it here. To whatever you want. Im a very visual person so I will be posting lots of pictures. If you like them that’s great. If you are someone that understands a higher sense in life other than what the society wants you to see then please freely express your self here. I way I view life is a blessing and I only wish to spread the same awareness. – Dlovski


how energy looks

how energy looks

I fell in love with this image instantly. I feet a connection with it in a way that this is exactly how I view energy. Not literally of course I view the world just like others. The cool thing is anyone and everyone can see this if they understand it. I don’t believe life so much anymore is about believing in things. ex. perfect mate.perfect house.the “american dream” IT IS ABOUT understaning your own life and realizing that oyu have the capability to make anything happen. Ive known this for years I just find myself not knowing how to express myself without people looking at me weird. I have come to terms that society will be society and you are only so lucky if you are not a part of it at all. Im 28. I have an old soul. Everything I have always known comes true or if i hear about it..it’s as if already knew. I don’t know how I know these things or see. But I am hoping that opening this blog will help me understand my own life and maybe helping others that never felt like they can fit in…I’m not a huge religious person, but I do believe in a higher wisdom. – Dlovski

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