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Our Galaxy

Our Galaxy

Images like these we need to view more because they are just extraordinary. Our world and universe is absolutely beautiful. The galaxy in which our lives are made possible is beautiful and can be viewed with our own eyes only where the city lights do not interfere. Maybe a metaphorical circumstance? The message…beauty is everywhere you must know how to view it -Dlovski


Be how you want to be

Dont just be who you want..but be how you are. If you can understand this you will be a lot happier with the image you make of yourself. I believe we all view ourselves in our own and it is very important to know that person…ourselves. You should never wish for a different life, but yet find a way to love the life you have. Not to sound cliche but we all put ourselves into the positions we are in and there is no one else to blame.period. So whatever it is in your life that makes you happy think of that every time a negative thought tries to pull through. A lot of us dont even realize that just by stepping outside and viewing the sky can completely make you feel better even for just that moment you are experiencing positive energy. If you can give that back your life can very harmonious as it is scientifically proven that we transfer of energy just by touch. – Dlovski