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I am my own worst enemy.

As bad as it sounds is it true? Are we all our own worst enemy. Our minds control everything from mood to outlook to even how we look and feel. So if we are constantly thinking negative worrisome thoughts does it actually reflect on our physical state? I believe so. Surround yourself with radiance and radiant thoughts and you will feel and look radiant yourself.



how energy looks

how energy looks

I fell in love with this image instantly. I feet a connection with it in a way that this is exactly how I view energy. Not literally of course I view the world just like others. The cool thing is anyone and everyone can see this if they understand it. I don’t believe life so much anymore is about believing in things. ex. perfect mate.perfect house.the “american dream” IT IS ABOUT understaning your own life and realizing that oyu have the capability to make anything happen. Ive known this for years I just find myself not knowing how to express myself without people looking at me weird. I have come to terms that society will be society and you are only so lucky if you are not a part of it at all. Im 28. I have an old soul. Everything I have always known comes true or if i hear about it..it’s as if already knew. I don’t know how I know these things or see. But I am hoping that opening this blog will help me understand my own life and maybe helping others that never felt like they can fit in…I’m not a huge religious person, but I do believe in a higher wisdom. – Dlovski