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Do Angels Really Exist? Yes, But They Do Not Have Wings According To This ‘Angelologist’

Do Angels Really Exist? Yes, But They Do Not Have Wings According To This ‘Angelologist’.

This article is really interesting because it is something I have also wondered myself. Do angels really exist? Or are the a figment of our imagination that our brain believes in just to make ourselves feel more secure and not alone? Either way angels are and don’t look like we have drawn them to look. I believe in angels as souls. Souls of the good and maybe even not so, but traveling within our atmosphere in there own dimension.  I believe that the good souls are light and fly freely and help us in a way through energy.  And perhaps the other angel on our shoulder sort of speak that is not holy are the souls that are stuck here on earth in limbo perhaps not being able to lift off and be as free and the lighter spirit.  So whatever way you want to look at it, there has to be some truth to angels. I mean why would so many generations believe in the same thing? Are we that hopeless or are the angels themselves make sure that we keep believing in them by showing the miracles and phenomenons that we cannot explain? This article is also very interesting in the sense that not only do we as a society  believe in angels but that belief has risen more than before. It is very true…there is more evil and we as people are more materialistic than ever before.  So my belief..yes they are real and they are all around us whether we choose to believe in them or not because as souls and spirit and wisdom we as humans are sometimes just scared to believe in them rather than accept the fact that there is a lot of explainable forces at work that we cannot control. – Dlovski