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Confused on BLOGGING

Confused on all this new stuff.

Confused on all this new stuff.

Trying to learn all these different ways of hosting. Just downloaded the actual word press files and trying to install them. Plus I found this other plugin called “eXopin” Here is the site…


I’m sure most of you already know of this, but I am just so stomped on how to get everything installed and set up. I have no knowledge of html or web hosting or FTP. I find myself very frustrated and thinking just how the picture illustrates. Nevertheless I am determined to teach myself through Google. I today just want to express how easy it may be to self educate ourselves. we are the start of the generation internet and it is only expanding and overwhelming. By the time my children will be older I can only imagine how it would be. Already they are making programs possible to take high school online.

“Students instead of actually going to high school and learning from teachers are able to teach themselves?!”

I’m sure some view this as a head for disaster, but is it? Just like everything around us we are able to adapt and learn under new conditions through all the changes that come our way. If more people would take this chance and reverse statistics on how many students graduate the idea of self learning will not seem so scary. Its all in our mind that’s the saying…

“you are your own worst enemy”

…come from. Basically you are the only being that can control your outcomes of your actions ina positive or negative way. Positive being that we actually better ourself through this change and take full advantage of it, or, in a negative way that people use this resource as an excuse not to go to school period. If most of us would take the tools we have and make something of ourselves without teacher influence would we eventually become more independent and a society of smarter beings? The thing is this change has already been happening that the generations before this one all need to catch up. Because humans are not becoming “dumber”…but in fact shifting into a whole new way of life – Dlovski